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, they pay the taxes, that will cost $25 to $ 40 billion, under mr. romney's case it would not have cost taxpayers anything. neil: he would not have had the government involved at all. >> but once you break the law, which the government dit broke the bankruptcy law, and government put that money in, that could have been in it held in bankruptcy like -- >> it could have caused mitt romney some crucial votes in some states, that are high union. >> it is, because it is not understood. neil: eelectric rall e-- electos -- votes thus far. he has pulled ahead in the states that president obama was expected to win, remember you do need 270 to win, i must stress every single state we've been pulling up for you, including those mentioned, as expected. there are no surprises yet, remains to be seen as night ensues whether we'll see them, alabama is one as expected. deep south, heavy republican territory mr. mitt romney, ditto in mississippi, goes for mitt romney. a question later ol be state of north carolina. a state that tipped to brack book by slightest of margins, became a red state, then a ble
battle ground state, very close, and in these polls, you have mitt romney, leading in a lot of them, not all but a lot, virg numbers go up, and the big teal, neil in all polls there are some number of undecided. 2 or 5%, those people, they are say, you know this last 4 years, had not done it we're worse than we were then i'm giving mitt romney a chance, that is the bottom line in why mitt romney is going to win. neil: i can never understand, those who say this undecided this late in the game, not as if either the president or mitt romney are carving cut outs of each other, i would think -- i would think that you have that have to be partially clueless or from mea neptune to not oline yourself with one or the other. but, it is not as if, you know, people are going to confuse one candidate for the other. >> no, i think it the starkest and clearest choice in 30 years. i think things reagan and carter, one are people that are such casual voters, they are just not going to vote, but the other camp are people that voted for president obama 4 years ago, and neil, and really want to believe
, this is a pickup for mitt romney from what had been a democratic win four years ago. mitt romney, as he did in indiana tonight, when speck of state for the republicans. still in doubt is virginia when they are still counting the votes. florida when they're still counting the votes. simply too close to call. idaho, i think i mistakenly said that was expected to go for the presidents. i was wrong. mitt romney picks up by no and its four electoral votes. going to washington state, this was a state that the president was expected to win. he picks up those 12 electoral votes out of washington. and as we look at hawaii, the president's old state, for electoral votes, little doubt that this was going to happen. barack obama when so why. a great deal of fuss. don't know if that was true. sort of a fallback. no need. at this point he's on route to looking pretty good, but we will see in virginia. george allen is going to a stage three is likely to concede the virginia senate. that looks pretty much. with all that i've given you, this is where we stand now in the california senaae race. dianne feinst
. >> it might happen, i was curious with president and mitt romney having lunch, whether obama presented him a bill for lunch, and added a 40% gra % gra on it. neil: they had turkey chili. >> let me tell you. one thing we have to do, i work in my 7 industry, we have to figure out a way to do comprehensive tax reform. doing a lot of act before we get there. >> not one major candidate mentioned that once. that is what vi got to do for the good of america. neil: when we come back, you bailed out gm, now general motors is doling out big bucks to create jobs-in china. the judge on whether shanghai and taxpayer money circ len is even legal. what's next? he's going to apply testosterone to his underarm. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t, can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregna, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected sis of puberty in children or changes in body hair or
for at least mitt romney. he still leads among independent voters by 7 percent, but that has gone down from 12% that he enjoyed a little more than a couple weeks ago. you can extrapolate all you will from these polls. doesn't mean that the trend is the residence friend again, six days to go, it's anyone's guess. the romney folks still feel the momentum is there. in the sunshine state particularly. >> hi. on the subject of disaster relief effort, one of the pre-show entertainer's a little while ago encouraged the audience to tax that red cross number and raise a thousand dollars. a guesstimate that it was considerably more. lots of people responded. that has been what he has been doing for the last day in a half, but the campaign resumed its rhetoric. romney did not mention obama by name. lots of advocacy for the romney agenda conto million jobs. more energy production. education, cracking down on chinese trade in championing small businesses. there is no question about it. the romney campaign held a teleconference today with reports to say that they are just where they had always hoped it woul
. and his point, you sa say okay,i know there was almost country voted for mitt romney, but more voted for him. and so he has the cards right now. >> first of all the rest of the country is not a bunch of defeated republicans, they're the loyal opposition and had a voice in the right to express their concerns. he is now the president of the people who voted for him, he is the president of the united states of america and he ought to act like it because he has not done it for four years. tom: john boehner has another election in two years. he has the entire house every two years. so he's going to want to look like the obstructionist again? and by the way, he has the vote thing going for him. he think he will go along? speak out like to hit republicans in the head and say no matter what you do, you are getting blamed. he might as well do it is right. people did not put john boehner into office to equivocate and become a democrat like. tom: you're her the republican party has to change. >> mitt romney moves to the middle on a lot of issues and it got him a lost election. at the end of the
romney over the top. to show you how tight the ohio races. they are either dead tired or separated by no more than two points. well within the margin of error. they have no idea how it will turn out. but we do know that for mitt romney, the math gets tough and less he wins in ohio. i'm talking about the electoral map and that is where he will have to do it. they are bringing out a full team to make that happen. my next guest says the president helps union workers. delphi went bankrupt. former delphi worker tom rhodes. would have been? >> thank you for having me. myself and 20 other retirees are just one of the untold casualties of the auto bailout. after the gym bankruptcy process was complete, the uaw retirees had their full health care and pensions, where as yself and others lost all of ourhealth care and our life insuranceand had pension reductions up to 70%. neil: so it is actually a joke because it's pennies on the dollar in the end? what did you do, did you have any recourse? >> that is correct. both pension plans were terminated. yet, the auto task force got involved in a co
handle on. romney has a handle on the economy, the handle on government spending. neil: what should romney do with this? i always thought romney botched it in the debates were sort of like a gift that should have been for him that he screwed up, but what does he do? >> he got a little shy when he got hit so hard on september 12 from the press reacting too soon. this will be a lot up to this is where the special interest groups or the outside groups, third-party groups come into play in making this a big issue making sure people know about it but also something you hear a lot of people talking to each other about and that is what undecided voters are going to affect them. the personal relationship they have with people. when something comes to attack on american soil at an american embassy and american people, that is a concern. that is the concern for every american. nobody wants this edition to be attacked. there was a possibility we could do something about it. neil: thank you very much. for those of you just coming in here. there was a shift in developments that bears repeating a
the democrats will offer, if you go backo what romney was talking about, a flatter tax with less deductions. so you don't have such a manipulated system with all kind of loopholes that do not make economic sense. i would say this too. looking at economic growth, the real issue is distribution of revenue between governments and private sector, producing more jobs and mor well being that means you maybe we need to do something with tax code, but we need to reduce spending first, that is our problem, spending is such a high level, relative to total revenue of u.s. is keeping us from growing. neil: like you said, the way to fix this is grow out of it, and way to grow out of it is find a way toke pan --o expand that tax base, god bless him, mitt romney was trying to do that, now to point we have half paying no income taxes, that is the drag. >> neil, too, attitude matters. i think, what happened to stock market today, a lot of business people were hoping that regulatory attack on business would end, there is a physical issue and a monetary issue, and regulatory issue, which stifles innovation, and c
they have somebody, but the semantics are the speaker is echoing mitt romney's comments about raising revenues. but the union folks are saying, we want to raise tax rates. big difference. >> i don't know if they can get that through. eighty-seven members of congress reelected two years here with a solemn promise that they're not going to vote for any kind of tax increase. get them to vote for some kind of major tax rate increase. a just and see how you can do it >> it's an argument that you would think somebody in the math department would be held to figure out because republicans say the lower raes and revenues go up. we have history to show that. democrats say the opposite. >> and you stimulate your economy. if you raise rates anddon't cut expenditures, what you are doing is making the fiscal problem that much worse. raising rates is aonetime revenue grab. expenditures is a long-term reduction in. and the reality is, wehave to do a lot more of expenditure reduction than we do increases in revenue. tom: do you think that the democrats and specifically the president would go along wit
: representative paul, what was it about mitt romney that -- you didn't get behind him at all, you have a ton of loyal followers, perhaps throwing your weight behind him, you could've won this thing? >> i doubt that. i don't think one person can carry votes. i would have been the one that lost credibility, although i got along quite well on a personal basis with governor romney. we didn't have much of an agreement on policy. he was not much into civil liberties at all. and he was a strong protectionist and putting on sanctions and acts of war. but all of a sudden, if i vote for him, nobody would've understood that. >> that is one of the reasons you have a loyal following. i do want to ask but it feels like the republican party may be coming to an epiphany that you have a lot of things right, especially in social issues in this country. you think that maybe the gop will be in your direction going forward? let's hope so. i know that they at least have a more open mind about looking at the federal reserve. maybe the fed is too powerful and they print too much money. and they can do too much unsu
this engine and the economy pumping again. neil: do you think, and this i mentioned by mitt romney lot. you know that you are going to do things differently? dubai that? >> everybody talks about reducing taxes because they want more capital to grow their business. but it's also regulations. businesses are confronted at the township and city level. >> here in chicago, you need 161 licenses to open up the business. >> if you open up a job shop, you have to have a license to give them a bath. it's ridiculous. why can't we consolidate some of these things and reduce the reauacy? it isn't about the people collecting anything but a paycheck. neil: they mt realize that the more they push this, the more it it endangers the economy and theirery jobs are online. >> you would think so, when you? there is a lot of evidence that says those people inside the beltway are living in a bubble. washington dc is the only city in the united states that has had taken continuousgrowthh >> what about when gas comes down? >> you have a gas situation where you have $4000 and thei wages have only gone up about 1%. wa
reelected. tom is a former romney superdelegate. raise a lot of money for republans in general. how are you feeling right now? >> i'm okay. obviously, a lot of people are disappointed with the outcome of the election. as everyone says, there are great opportunities. great opportunity now is regulation. that is where the financial services area are going to focus on. the thing about only 50% -- now we have to look forward. he w the election fair and square. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] neil: now you might be right. >> we put these crazy things together that look the economy, as a matter of fact, i just tired the chief officer to come on board with cheap regulations you know, that is the time that we are in rit now. we have to be very careful. neil: i know the president and his people very well. i think he is a vindictive person. when you get to be that powerful, it should in your dna to be vindictive. he says he is not. but i expect them to be childish. but i don't expect my president to be. but heis. he got reelected, it is what it is. but you know, everything i've s
the president, but mitt romney, is he very pro-obama town, did that ever? >> i did no could not think of n those terms. we endorsed obama the first time around. frankly i have been a democrat my entire life. having said that, had enough exposure to the administration fairly close up to the president and his closest aide and they came to the conclusion that these people just don't know what they're doing. there is a saying we have in canada but those that follow. if you're going to try cross-country skiing the first time, pick a small country. get somebody there who knows how to run something. unfortunately there is another one, if you can't put the puck in the net, get off the ice. neil: thank you, gentlemen, all. i do think that crystallizes what is going on here when one side can't even think. they're serious about loopholes, just like ronald reagan and come away believing that ronald reagan did you would rather get most than risk not getting any. things were a lot better than when he came in. we will have more after this. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r
romney. but i would like now to the new administration could start without avoidable controversy. but the information was known at a high-level, it is a matter that the countries want to look into. on the whole, i would like to focus on the future. to not have beginning of administration. that would be my attitude. this evidence developed of the major capacity, there will be consequences. neil: we are going to take a quick break. the middle east and israel. you have hamas, you have a rom, here we go again. all eyes, right here. this is our year. i thought it was last year... turns out i was wrong. none of us would walk in here and settle. that's how we are! i forgot what i was going to say. patrick, i want 100% commitment! cause i care man, ok? who are we!? 49ers! 49ers! 49ers! yeah! [ all cheering ] what the heck is going on in here? sorry coach, i just got a little carried away. alright, i think we're good. [ morgan ] for a chance to be in a locker room on game day and more... join visa nfl fan offers and make your season epic. neil: welcome back. i know we h
know, i endorsed governor romney. but i would like now to the new administration could start without avoidable controversy. but the information was known at a high-level, it is a matter that the countries want to look into. on the whole, i would like to focus on the future. to not have beginning of administration. that would be my attitude. this evidence developed of the major capacity, there will be consequences. neil: we are going to take a quick break. the middleast and israel. you have hamas, you have a rom, you have hamas, you have a rom, here we go again. pick your [bleep] up. you're not [bleep] sittin' here. yes, i am. [laughter] move. move. [laughter/indistinct chatter] bully: give it to him hard. no, no, no, oww. announcer: every day, kids witness bullying... boy: why are you stabbing me with it? no! announcer: they want to help, but don't know how. no! oww. ohh, you guys... announcer: teach your kids how to be more than a bystander. visit >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can stea your identity and turn youlife upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you k
would stimulate the economy. neil: quickly, how did you make it -- what did you make of mitt romney's remarks to bankers that what hurt him was all the freebie's the president was giving out to his base and that that made the difference. >> i think we, as republicans everyone to grill the party, have to somehow develop some empathy for those who have been on government assistance and know that they don't all want to stay there. for example, i think there are many good people who have had to take unemployment insurance from other two but would like to work i don't think everybody on government assistance is a bad person. we need to figure out how to convince them to, though, that their life would be better if they vote for policies that help them get a real job and in the middle class. neil: more inclusive more conservatives say it is selling out, not you, but that they can't be democrat like. what do you say that? with your overture on immigration, a way to win over latinos to have been, you know, and lockstep with democrats? what are you up to? what are you doing? >> well, it has a
it with the elect, mitt romney hates the poor, considers hate the poor, if you check out event on facebook, national papa john appreciate day, you see we're specifically advocating, if you are in a financial position to do so, buy a pizza for a homeless person, someone down on their luck or out of work. you know as conservatives we did not believe in redistributing the wild, charity should come from the citizens of the community and not the government. neil: well put, justen charters very much, think about power we're giving a lot of folks who could economically penalize someone for just expressing their economic point of view. i always find it interesting, political progra% weighing, bute left -- persuasion but the left seems to -- the right a -- what is this? i digress. when we come back. retail sales, are falling. right ahead of christmas. they are falling. neil: this is awkward, bad timing. ahead of holiday season. ino, sales were down, interrupting what was an improving trend of consumers, retail analyst, we have on this, with us today. liz, let's begin with you. some try to say, they blame it
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